FMFMFrontier Markets Fund Manager
FMFMFleet Marine Force Manual
FMFMFederation of Massachusetts Farmers' Markets (Waltham, MA)
FMFMFissile Mass Flow Monitor (nuclear physics)
FMFMForest, Minerals and Fire Management (Michigan Department of Natural Resources)
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(6) Fleet Marine Field Manual (FMFM) 1, Warfighting (Washington, DC: Headquarters Department of the Navy, 1989), 85.
However, this decentralized control of how things are done must be guided by a centralized command of what and why things are done." (61) US Marine Corps Fleet Marine Force Manual (FMFM) 1-1, Campaigning, echoes this by stating, "We generate tempo by creating a command system based on decentralized decision making within the framework of a unifying intent." (62) Therefore, the commander's role establishes the boundaries within which subordinate commanders can make decisions and increase operating tempo.
FM 100-19 and FMFM 7-10, are available on the DOD IRT Website.(120)
that FM 100-19 and FMFM 7-10 are still in effect as of this writing and
Marine Corps had earlier published FMFM 7-10, which dealt with
Responding with "911" urgency, USMC Fleet Marine Force Manual (FMFM) 1-2, The Role of the Marine Corps In the National Defense, states, "The increasingly probable terrain for political reinforcement tasks under unanticipated, time-sensitive circumstances is urban." (8) The rationale for this statement resides in the fact that US embassies and legations are located in cities where host-country political and economic leadership is concentrated and where US nationals tend to seek economic opportunities.
(8.) US Marine Corps Fleet Marine Field Manual (FMFM) 1-2, The Role of the Marine Corps in the National Defense, June 1991, 3-13.
FMFM 7-11-H Status: Under revision FY08 (will be renumbered
FMFM 7-11-H Status: Under revision FY 07 (will be renumbered