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* In addition to the historically large FMFP funding for Israel and Egypt, significant FY 2010 funding (in excess of $100,000,000) is provided for Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Mexico.
* Also authorizes the appropriation of such sums necessary for IMET and FMFP annually for FYs 2010 through 2014 with significant use for activities relating to counterinsurgency and counterterrorism operations.
(74.) Through the FMFP, eligible countries receive grants to help purchase U.S.
assistance to include excess defense articles (EDA), IMET, and FMFP.
* Table Two provides a quick-look at the four traditional security assistance program FY 2008 appropriations including FMFP, IMET program, ESF, PKO.
On September 24, 2003, the Administration requested authority for a no-subsidy $550,000,000 FMFP direct loan during FY 2004 to the Czech Republic for the purchase of fourteen used F-16s from the U.S., to include training, weapons, and logistics support.
* Initially appropriated $4,294,000,000 as FMFP grant assistance to carry out the provisions of Section 23, of the AECA.
* Showing a continued interest in Department of Defense's (DoD) overhaul of the Informational Program (IP), Congress directed that FMFP, IMET, or Economic Support Fund (ESF) funding may not be used for entertainment expenses of a substantially recreational character to include for the first time "theatrical and musical productions."
Table 2 provides the FY2002 Foreign Military Financing Program (FMFP) funding allocated by country or program displayed by region.
* The FMFP funding request by the Administration for FY 2002 was for $3,674,000,000.
Both the FMFP and IMET levels are higher for FY2001 than for FY2000, while the reverse is the case for Economic Support (ESF) and Peacekeeping Operations (PKO).
* Appropriated $3,545,000,000 with an additional $31,000,000 appropriated by Title VI, Emergency Supplemental Appropriation, Military Assistance, for a total of $3,576,000,000 as FMFP grant assistance for FY2001.