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[Kelly and Painter 5] proposed a methodology to define N-dimensional fuzzy MFs (FMFs) which is a generalized form of one dimensional MF generally used in fuzzy systems.
The aerosol optical depth (AOD)-related products [including AOD, Angstrom exponent (AE), and fine-mode fraction (FMF)] are graded into three levels (1.0, 1.5, and 2.0).
In this paper, we select the most representative SONET products (see Tables 6 and 7) to analyze China aerosol characteristics, including 1) optical parameters (AOD, AE, FMF, and SSA), 2) physical parameters [volume particle size distribution (VPSD)], 3) chemical composition parameters [BC%, BrC%, CM%, FS%, AW%, and total mass concentration (TMC)], and 4) radiative parameters [radiative forcing (RF) and radiative forcing efficiency (RFE) at top of atmosphere (TOA) and bottom of atmosphere (BOA), respectively].
Figure 5 shows the multiyear seasonal average spectral SSA and monthly average FMF.
Meanwhile, FMF is the lowest in spring, and then jumps highly in December, indicating enhanced anthropogenic influences.
(3) Since that time, Turkey has historically been one of the largest recipients of US grants and monies from the economic support fund (ESF), Military Assistance Program (MAP) and FMF program, and IMET programs, as well as a valued user of FMS and direct commercial sales (DCS).
As part of the continuing evolution of security assistance, the US Congress terminated MAP funding in fiscal year 1990 and integrated all previous MAP grant funding into the FMF program.
* FMS which include cash sales and the FMF program;