FMHPFirst Medical Health Plan, Inc. (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
FMHPFernie Mobile Home Park (Canada)
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We found that across the seven countries, the main objectives of FMHP include: (1) reducing the costs of facility-based maternal care, especially for the worst-off; (2) increasing access to quality skilled delivery in health facilities; and (3) reducing adverse maternal health outcomes.
Our review reveals the dearth of purposefully designed studies on coping mechanisms adapted by various levels of implementers in the FMHP chain.
Interestingly, even in countries like Ghana where FMHP has a long history, social actors found ways to preserve the status quo.
In Morocco, a dedicated objective on improved governance in the country's FMHP contributed to shaping oversight, control and adaptation strategies at the various levels of the policy (10).
Although the supply-side effect of FMHP is largely reported, the mechanisms used to cope with identified effects and the consequential impact of coping mechanisms on attainment of policy objectives are under-reported.