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FMJFédération des Maisons de Jeunes (French: Federation of Youth Centres; Belgium)
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FMJForest Machine Journal (UK)
FMJFirst Myoclonic Jerk
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*6,5mm M.93 (rumanische) scharfe Patrone*--Romanian Mannlichers were originally chambered for a rimmed, bottlenecked case 53mm in length with a 156-grain round-nosed, FMJ bullet traveling at 2430 fps.
Weight Velocity Deviation Group (gr.) (fps) (in.) Hornady FTX 95 1,009 24 5.5 Winchester 95 987 33 6.0 FMJ Federal FMJ 95 961 20 5.0 Blazer FMJ 95 1,011 22 5.5 Notes: Accuracy results are averages of four five-shot groups at 25 yards off an MTM K-Zone shooting rest.
Caption: Deer Season XP (I.) and USA white box FMJ loads offer the chance to shoot inexpensive ammo for practice and switch to deer hunting loads with minimal sight changes.
Hoober explained that FMJ ammunition won't come to a stop in a bad guy, which means a bullet could exit the target's body and potentially injure someone standing nearby.
FMJ bullets are made with a jacket and have a lead or soft-steel core.
Prices are surprisingly affordable, with a 20-round box of 9mm going for about $12.99 for the FMJ 147gr.
Forum Masyarakat Johor (FMJ) coordinator Thomas Fann said the move will ensure that proper recognition is given to the state Opposition leader, who is Barisan Nasional's (BN) Benut assemblyman Datuk Hasni Mohammad, for him to effectively carry out his responsibilities.
The SIG SAUER 115-grain FMJ was right behind it with a 1-3/8-inch group at 1,240 fps.
Simply put, the FMJ has proven its dependability on many hunts over the course of many years, and its unique design offers a combination of qualities hard to find elsewhere.
It doesn't do this with FMJ. Should I polish the feed ramp and chamber very care fully without changing any angles or shapes?