FMJBTFull Metal Jacket Boat Tail (ammunition)
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FMJBT Win 296/16.0 2.1 1,829 27 2.23 All loaded on new Hornadv.300 Blackout brass with CCI Small Rifle Primers.
This FMJBT features a lead core with an air pocket in the nose.
.308 FACTORY AMMO PERFORMANCE LOAD, BULLET WEIGHT, TYPE VELOCITY (FPS) EXTREME SPREAD (FPS) ATK 165 Fusion 2,468 55 American Eagle 150 FMJBT 2,624 31 Hornady 155 A-Max Match 2,580 40 Outback 150 Swift Scirocco II 2,679 59 Federal 175 MatchKing 2,484 68 LOAD, BULLET WEIGHT, TYPE GROUP SIZE (INCHES] ATK 165 Fusion 1 American Eagle 150 FMJBT 2 Hornady 155 A-Max Match 1-1/4 Outback 150 Swift Scirocco II 1-1/2 Federal 175 MatchKing 2-1/4 Notes: Group size the product of 3 shots at 100 yards.
I also included Sellier & Bellot's 62-grain SS109 and Wolf Performance Ammunition's 55-grain FMJBT. Wolf in particular offers an excellent value for the price.
*-- the rear sight leaf could be folded forward along the barrel, exposing a 250 meter battle sight Test Firing results Ammunition Group Size Handloads: 198-grain FMJBT 3.25 inches Prvi Partizan 200-grain FMJBT 3 inches Note: Group size is the average of three five-shot groups fired at 100 yards;
This economical load is topped with a 174-grain FMJBT and averaged 1.7 inches for four five-shot groups at 100 yards.
At 100 yards, it will cut 1-1/2", but the Hornady 168-grain A-Max and the Prvi Partizan 174-grain FMJBT loads will usually trump it by a 1/2".
The standard 7.62mm NATO round of the day was the 150-grain FMJBT Ball M80 with a muzzle velocity of 2,750 fps.
The Prvi Partisan Carcano load utilizes a 139-grain FMJBT bullet measuring .264" in diameter.