FMJSFlorida Model Jail Standards
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The original round nose 210-grain FMJ load was placed into production in 1891, and blanks for training were produced as well.
The 9mm Luger 115-grain JHP ammo was probably loaded to 32,000 psi, and the commercial .45 ACP 230-grain FMJ ammo to about 20,000 psi, yet the velocity differences between pistol and revolver were about the same.
In keeping with the emphasis on training and skills-building, Browning made the FMJ (called the BPT, for Training) loads in the same bullet weights, at the same velocities, as the BXP.
Although FMJs have been around for a number of years, Easton rebranded the franchise for 2016 and added a new, more affordable option called the FMJ 6MM.
In fact, after drilling one Easton FMJ shaft inside another at 25 yards and maintaining a group average of just.
Bullet types range from FMJ to soft-points to JHPs.
For instance, the shelves full of 180-grain FMJs you can select from will commonly be around 900 to 950 fps at most.
They will be making 9mm NATO-spec ammo, 124 grain FMJs loaded to +P pressures, for those who want the full experience of shooting their M17 and M18 SIG pistols.
FMJs. All firing was done at a self-defense distance of 7 yards.