FMKFlush Mount Kit (electronics)
FMKFortran Make File
FMKFluoromethyl Ketone
FMKFM (Frequency Modulation)-Kumamto (Japan)
FMKFolkereisning Mot Krig (Norwegian: People Rising Anti-War)
FMKFor My Kountry (firearms distributor; Placentia, CA)
FMKFredericia Motor Klub (Danish: Fredericia Motor Club; est. 1945; Fredericia, Denmark)
FMKFreiheitlicher Motorrad Klub (Austria)
FMKField Marshalling Kiosk
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Maxpedition has provided a jackpot of prizes to accompany the FMK pistol.
Pontillo II, the founder of FMK Firearms, is not one who will go meekly into the night, nor is he one to hide his light under a bushel.
In mid-June of 2011, FMK Firearms of Placentia, California, saw its 2nd Generation Pistol placed on the roster of handguns approved for sale and manufacture within the State, Like the first generation arm which it replaces, both California and Massachusetts now approve it for sale and FMK has the distinction of being the only handgun manufacturer currently operating in California.
The original and new fast-action triggers are interchangeable, so current FMK 9C1 Gen 2 pistol owners can purchase a conversion kit.
Q: I read about the FMK 9C1 wand loved it so much that I purchased one.
2 Alessi offers their CQC model with alligator trim, custom made for this FMK. Made of US top grade leather, the CQC is legendary for comfort, concealment and security.
The FMK 9c1B is a double-action-only 9mm 14+1 capacity pistol built on a polymer frame.
Write: View, Record, One Quay, Glasgow Fax: 0141 309 FMK, East Kilbride
Galco has supplied a true, custom holster for the FMK auto, using their proven paddle-based belt system.
The FMK is a double-action-only 9mm pistol with 10+1 capacity built on a polymer frame.