FMLNFarabundo Marti National Liberation Front
FMLNNational Liberation Party (El Salvador)
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En 2012, le jeune Nayib Bukele avait ete elu, sous les couleurs du FMLN, a la mairie de Nuevo Cuscatlan, dans la banlieue de San Salvador avant de devenir maire de la capitale de 2015 a 2018.
The FMLN and the conservative Alliance, known as ARENA, have dominated Salvadoran politics since a 1992 peace deal that ended a brutal civil war.
Since the end of El Salvador's 12-year civil war in 1992, two parties have dominated the country's political system: ARENA and the FMLN. But Salvadorans are looking for a new option after major corruption scandals and what many voters see as a lack of progress in tackling crime.
ARENA has the largest legislative bloc, with 35 deputies, followed by the FMLN, which has 31 but controls the presidency under Salvador Sanchez Ceren, elected in 2014.
The Salvadoran armed forces and FMLN fought a civil war from 1980 to 1992, leaving over 75,000 people dead, 500,000 internally displaced, and over one million in exile (Thompson 1997,456; United Nations 1992, i).
The FMLN and Arena - founded by the late Roberto D'Aubuisson, a reputed death squad leader - were fierce enemies during the civil war that killed about 75,000 people.
In March 2009, Mauricio Funes, a former television journalist and the first FMLN presidential candidate without a guerilla past, defeated Rodrigo Avila of the conservative ARENA party for a five-year presidential term.
November 11 marks the anniversary of a major anti-government offensive launched in 1989 by the Frente Farabundo Marti de Liberacion Nacional (FMLN)--a leftist rebel group whose successors are today running El Salvador.