FMMCFort Myer Military Community (Army)
FMMCFriday Morning Music Club (Washington, DC)
FMMCFoundation for MultiMedia Communications (Tokyo, Japan; research and development)
FMMCFlorida Medical Manufacturers' Consortium
FMMCFort Myers Master's Commission (Fort Myers, FL)
FMMCFederal Metadata Management Consortium (interagency group)
FMMCFORSCOM Materiel Management Center
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Yet, in spite of the clear necessity of RCFA, its goals, organization, utilization and relation to FMMC, POF and RP have been frequently misunderstood and underestimated.
Most of EF (roughly 80-90%) are caused by ~10-20% of vital FMMC (inherent or pertinent);
About 80-90% of FMMC concern 10-20% of vital segments, parts, materials (mostly application-specific);
About 80-90% of prevalent infant field EF share common FMMC with ~80-90% of prenatal and normal-life failures;
Suitable EF classifications could significantly help to assess FMMC nature, scale and priority guiding to appropriate CAPA.
One of the main EF-tailored Juran's rules has shown that a combination of fundamental (intrinsic-inherent-built-in) (ir)regular and (ab)normal features, factors, functions, forces, freaks along with cause ~ 80-90% of prevalent early FMMC rather than just probabilistic chances.
The author also proposed P7 classification which is particularly helpful for SCRIPT and FMMC characterization to determine SEFACAPA "depth and breadth" based upon practical and proportional to problem's, product's, project's and peculiarity's properties and probabilities (P7).
The DIS7 class (f) includes characteristic ART stresses as F9j factors and/or forces (e.g., irrelevant FMMC of InGaAsP devices caused by ART temperature; devices burned by power supply voltage spikes or by UUT wrong insertion polarity).
RCFA usually tackle Juran's 20% "vital", but single dominate FMMC rather than multimode issues, which sometimes affect the same product-project-phenomenon simultaneously.
This year's winners were SGT Roderick Wright, SPC Jeremy Howe and SPC Jack McFadden--representing FMMC MP Co.
[2.] Associate Professor, Department of OncoSurgery, FMMC, Mangalore.
Vinod Kumar B, Department of General Surgery, FMMC, Mangalore.