FMMISFlorida Medicaid Management Information System
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The performances of FMMIS and the segmentation module of our previously developed AVI system (Estevez et al.
For this reason, only the red and green channels were used to select starting seeds for the FMMIS method.
Figure 3 illustrates the step-by-step application of FMMIS to an image of a radiata pine board.
The FMMIS global and per category performances on the test set are summarized in Table 2.
The RUM[A.sub.A] criterion was computed to compare the segmentation quality of the FMMIS and the segmentation module of our previous AVI system.
The last column of Table 2 shows the average processing time for FMMIS, including the seed selection process, which reached 0.11[+ or -]0.04 seconds per image.
The last figure should be compared with the FP rate of 6 percent achieved by FMMIS. This FP rate may be further reduced by filtering out boxes containing only clear wood regions.
This can be explained because the FMMIS processing time depends on the number of seeds as well as the number of boxes created.
Within FMMIS, the slowest stage corresponded to the merging process, which depends on the number of hyperboxes formed.