FMNHField Museum of Natural History (Chicago, IL)
FMNHFinnish Museum of Natural History (Helsinki, Finland)
FMNHFlorida Museum of Natural History (Gainesville, Florida)
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Identification of preserved specimens in the collections of the FMNH and INHS was based on lateral row scales, which were counted according to Hubbs and Lagler (1947).
We thank William Simpson at the FMNH for his help with accessing the collection, and acknowledge the late Robert Denison for his initial field work on the site.
A los curadores de los siguientes museos y colecciones: AMNH, ANSP, BYU, CAS, CM, CUMV, CNAR, ECO-CH-H, ECO-SC-H, FMNH, IHNHERP, KU, LACM, LSUMZ, MPM, MZ-UNICACH, MCZ, MZFC, OMNH, TCWC, TNHC, UF, UAEH, UMMZ, USNM, UTEP y YPM.
FMNH 10742, 13 October 1902, "San Pedro Martir Mts, Aguaje de Las Fresas", 31.069, -115.550.
The only Indiana specimen collected in a year other than 1876 is FMNH 1396509, an American white water lily (Nymphaea odorata Aiton) collected in Newton County, Indiana, in 1872.
Some additional specimens from North American localities were obtained on loan from the Florida Museum of Natural History (FMNH) and the University of Connecticut (UCPC).
The second group of specimens was from 170 modern Alaskan moose and included specimens housed at 1) the Museum of the North, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska (collected from Denali National Park; 63[degrees]20' N, 150[degrees]30' W; n = 65), 2) the MTU Ford Center (collected in the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge [KNWR] at 60[degrees] 20' N, 150[degrees]30' W; n = 95), 3) the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), New York, New York (collected throughout Alaska; n = 6), and 4) the Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH), Chicago, Illinois (collected throughout Alaska; n = 3).
The two historical FMNH specimens are badly faded and, although probably R.
It was my first chance to ever hold the bird I love, and to see them so closely in hand was a culminating moment--one that, sadly, I feel more intensely now, looking back at the photographs of a smiling 24-year-old holding FMNH 47396.
While examining the bird collection at the Field Museum of Natural History, I found the Bryant specimen (FMNH 138321).