FMOPFair Maintainable Operating Profit
FMOPFixed My Own Post
FMOPFrequency Modulation On Pulse
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Figure 2 shows the performance of FMOP versus MOGA for two other objective functions.
It can be seen from the results that, MOGA shows better results than FMOP for Comparative advantage objective function but FMOP shows better results for MOGA for Location quotient objective function.
Both FMOP and MOGA must run 44 times, and then the dominated points are listed and sorted.
Figure 3a reveals that for indirect and induced job creation parameter FMOP has shown rather similar but better results for 20% lower amount of Ei; it is also clear that for 20% upper amount of Ei, FMOP shows better results.
It's also shown that FMOP has better results than MOGA.
The display allows frequency modulation on pulse (FMOP), pulse width modulation (PWM) and amplitude modulation (AM) patterns to be seen and measured.