FMOSFactory Mars Operating System
FMOSFull Moon O Sagashite (anime)
FMOSFirst Marshal on Scene (motorsports safety training; UK)
FMOSFibre-Fed Multi-Object Spectrograph
FMOSFormatted Message Origination System
FMOSFriends of Moraga Open Space (Lamorinda, CA)
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These calculated energies of FMOs are further utilized for the calculation of global hardness (n =-(EHOMO-ELUMO)/2), ionization potential (IP= - EHOMO), electro negativity (X= -(EHOMO+ELUMO)/2), global softness (I =1/2n), electron affinity (EA= - ELUMO), chemical potential (u=EHOMO+ELUMO/2), electrophilicity index (I =u2/2n) and results are expressed in Table 7.
For the isolated ligand, it is also observed that the FMOs structures present contribution of the s-Ic ligand, except for the LUMO+1 of the dianionic compounds which is localized over the alkyl chain binding across the six-edge ring of s-Ic (Figures S1-S2).
AFMO, FMO, IMO, NMO)--a third-party intermediary between independent licensed insurance agents and insurance company home offices, who provides economies of scale for product manufacturing and distribution.
The FMOs analysis by using quantum chemical methods has vital role in explaining the reactivity, electronic properties and the molecular transitions of any compound [21].
Next month, we'll announce our favorite logos from FMOs. See a logo you think ought to make our list?
The FMOs would come calling and they'd go, wow, who's this?
They make decisions about what products to sell, which FMOs or broker-dealers to affiliate with, what selling systems to use, etc.