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FMPMFinancial Management and Procurement Manual (India)
FMPMFinancial Management Procedures Manual
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FMPM was registered in 2005 as a non-profit NGO, and is headed by Prince Abbas Hilmi, grandson of Khedive Abbas Hilmi, and grand-nephew of founder of the Manial Palace Museum, Prince Mohamed Ali Tewfik.
It has developed from individual concerts and events previously held by FMPM, and is concurrently a fundraiser event for the preservation of the palace.
In the proposed double-winding FMPMs, the flux weakening capability can be significantly improved since the armature field is strengthened by engaging much more coils.
The purpose of this paper is to propose and compare two novel types of FMPM machines, namely the DR-CMG type and the DR-PMV type.
Since both the DR-CMG machine and DR-PMV machine belong to the class of FMPM machines, their pole-pair arrangements are governed by:
In order to assess the potentials of the FMPMs in the application of low-speed direct-drive, this paper is devoted to compare two flux-modulated interior PM Machines, one is with concentrated windings and the other is with distributed windings.
Nevertheless, the PPN of the armature windings is not equal to that of the PM poles in FMPMs. Their operating principle relies on the flux modulating effect arising from the non-even magnetic field path caused by the FMPs.