FMRCFactory Mutual Research Corporation
FMRCFamily Medicine Research Centre (Westmead, NSW, Australia)
FMRCFonds Mondial de Recherche contre le Cancer (France)
FMRCFinancial Markets Research Center (Vanderbilt University)
FMRCFunctional Medicine Research Center (Metagenics, Inc.)
FMRCFarmrail Corporation (AAR reporting marks)
FMRCFelsenstein Medical Research Center (Israel)
FMRCFort Monmouth Reuse Communities
FMRCFédération Musicale de la Région Centre (French: Musical Federation of the Centre Region)
FMRCFairfield Migrant Resource Centre (Cabramatta, NSW, Australia)
FMRCFlorida Mycology Research Center (Pensacola, FL)
FMRCFluorescent Microsphere Resource Center (Seattle, WA)
FMRCFort McMurray Running Club (McMurray, AB, Canada)
FMRCForward Motion Race Club
FMRCFloodplain Management Review Committee
FMRCFamily Member Relocation Clearance (US DoD)
FMRCFree Masons Riding Club
FMRCFarm Mechanization Research Centre
FMRCFlight Manual Review Conference (US Air Force)
FMRCFaculty Micro Resource Center (Boston College)
FMRCForecast Model Run Collection
FMRCFremantle Migrant Resource Center (Australia)
FMRCFunctional Magnetic Resonance Cholangiography
FMRCFlorida Men's Resource Center
FMRCFacility Media Review Committee
FMRCFM Record Center
FMRCFamily Medicine Research Center (St Louis, MO)
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It is conservative but safe to assume maximum winds can blow from any direction according to FMRC.
Now, FMRC has extended ESFR protection to 16-ft-high storage of wood pallets.
FMRC also tested cartoned expanded plastics, uncartoned unexpanded plastics, and uncartoned expanded plastics.
We thought we could walk on water; the FMRC tests showed otherwise.
Then FMRC developed fast response large drop sprinklers and tried them on a repeat of the Digital test - they put the fire out within 50 seconds.
With the assistance of FMRC, Digital worked to develop low combustibility foam packaging and paper of low flammability for corrugated cardboard packaging that were subsequently approved by FMRC's product approvals department.
Over the next few decades, inventors improved on these primitive models, but the era of the modern sprinkler didn't dawn until 1953, when FMRC developed the first standard spray sprinkler.
Research at FMRC determined that even fire that is spreading across the ceiling js reduced by spraying the water downward," says Dr.
ALTHOUGH THERE ARE currently no plans to develop new types of sprinkler systems, the FMRC Center is now conducting research on using ESFR sprinklers on solid plastics and certain highly hazardous aerosol products.
Stored goods containing combustible plastics stacked in racks or pallets to heights of 20 to 25 ft, says Cheng Yao, FMRC vice president, "can produce heats of combustion two and one-half times that of (less combustible) materials.
Item: FMRC has pioneered new automatic sprinkler technology--early suppression-fast response (ESFR) sprinklers.