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Samples with these ferrate compounds are currently undergoing exposure at Battelle's Florida Marine Research Facility (FMRF).
The Fleet Marine Ready Force (FMRF) of the Philippine Navy said it will set up an advance command post in Masbate to help in the rescue operations for Robredo and his companions.
Evidence for peptidergic innervation of the endocrine optic gland in Sepia by neurons showing FMRF amide like immunoreactivity.
Signalling receptors including cytokine and hormone receptors, and signalling ligands 1A12 2e-13 1744840 FMRF amide Pond snail 1C5 4e-7 AF076823 Lysin precursor Red abalone 1E11 1e-14 NP_001008891 Signal sequence receptor Rat 2F12 4e-37 AAT00460 Endozepine Carp BII.
First, the C-terminal end of the precursor (always downstream of the tetrabasic sequence, RKRR) is the site of repeated segments, each comprising a FMRF sequence with its processing signals and acidic spacers.