FMSCRForeign Military Sales Credit (Financing)
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The germination of FMSCR 1101 seeds observed at the osmotic potential of -1.0 MPa can be explained by the fact that the species becomes dependent on the genetic material, i.e., the factor genotype will be determinant with respect to the tolerance or not to the water deficit present in the soil, as mentioned by Martinelli-Seneme et al.
For the variable seedling fresh matter (Table 1), at the potentials of 0.0, -0.25, -0.50 and -1.0 MPa, the highest accumulations of fresh matter were observed in seedlings of the genotype FMSCR 1101.
For the genotype FMSCR 1101, there was no germination when subjected to the potential of -1.5 MPa, whereas in the genotype FMS Brilhante, which was more affected by the water stress, germination was null at the potential of -1.00 MPa.
Seeds of the genotype FMSCR 1101 have higher tolerance to water stress, regardless of the osmotic potential used.