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A obstrucao do canal de cultivo proporciona retencao da solucao nutritiva pelas raizes, permitindo a ampliacao dos intervalos entre irrigacoes, sem efeitos sobre o IAF e FMSF. Fato que corrobora para esta constatacao e que nao houve diferenca significativa entre intervalos de irrigacao e retencao de solucao nutritiva pelo sistema radicular (RET), bem como para FMSF e IAF (Tabela I), ocorrendo diferencas somente entre as epocas de cultivo, com valores medios de 0,0221 l/planta na primavera e de 0,0142 l/planta nas demais epocas (Tabela II).
(2008), os quais destacaram a possibilidade de ampliacao dos intervalos entre irrigacoes em Santa Maria, sem prejuizo a FMSF e IAF (Tabela I).
The results of FMSF, MMSF, FMAF, and MMAF are all successful to deform the rectangular image to C-shape image.
The RMS of FMSF, FMAF, MMSF, and MMFA are 0.3783, 0.3066, 0.2742, and 0.2412.
Organized alphabetically by county, the FMSF currently lists more than 106,000 properties/cultural resources, which represent the "known physical remains of Florida's prehistoric and historic cultural heritage." (44) The FMSF is maintained in Tallahassee by the DHR's Bureau of Archaeological Research (within Florida's Department of State).
The FMSF influenced the development of similar organizations in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere making the controversy an international one (Davies & Dalgleish, 2001).
Davis (2005) reported that survivor therapists responded to the accusations of the FMSF by emphasizing that clinical issues belonged in the hands of clinicians who had specialized training and expertise.
In fact, as Brown, Scheflin, and Hammond (1998) have asserted, this is how FMSF has attempted to discredit the scientific findings on dissociative disorders and their treatment--relying on books, speeches, and the media and bypassing the slower and more painstaking accumulation of scientific data, such as turned up by Tsai, Condie, Wu and Chang (1999), who used functional magnetic resonance imaging to evaluate personality switches in a woman with dissociative identity disorder, a line of research that promises more neurological evidence of dissociation and of the difference between trauma memories and ordinary memories.
In some feature stories inspired by FMSF advocacy, reporters failed even to identify their single most influential source.
Despite its propaganda, the FMSF and its experts also work at invalidating and spreading doubts about children's testimony about abuse they have suffered.
Though FMSF has been very successful in capturing public attention, most journalists have tried to preserve at least a semblance of balance in their coverage.
In fact, the tactics of FMSF are a new and apparently scientific way of disregarding, minimizing, or denying allegations of child abuse.