FMSOCFinancial Management Staff Officer Course (USAF)
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Selection for and updates to advanced academic degree programs through AFIT, as well as course maintenance and re-writes for Basic Financial Management Officer Course (BFMOC) and Financial Management Staff Officer Course (FMSOC), are imperative to keep courses relevant.
Although the FMSOC rewrite is on a smaller scale, the purpose is the same--to groom and produce knowledgeable and highly capable FM officers, SNC0s, and civilians.
FMSOC provides training for positions of greater responsibility in FM.
Focus on career-long learning: create a learning culture by developing an FM officer/civilian training plan, produce the career training standard for BFMOC and FMSOC, and link to occupational competencies.
With the direction from Major General Flowers, and the graduates' feedback, the U&TW membership got to the business of reviewing BFMOC and FMSOC. The group spent three days reviewing curriculum, identifying needed course changes, and scrubbing the course training standard.
The end product from the U&TW will be: a more robust, scenario-focused BFMOC; a slightly altered but enhanced FMSOC; and an Officer & Civilian Training Plan that will be included in the next FM FORCE DEVELOPMENT PRIMER.
While FMSOC will not undergo the same type of overhaul as BFMOC, there will still be updates to the course.
MAJCOM representatives will be tasked with building scenarios and reviewing FMSOC curriculum for accuracy and currency.
The officer/civilian Utilization and Training Workshop (U&TW), co-chaired in November 2006 by SAF/FMPW (Career Field Manager for officers and civilians) and the AETC Training Pipeline Manager, charted the course for updating the content of the BFMOC and FMSOC courses.
Before completing the courses, BFMOC and FMSOC students get the opportunity to practice decision support skills in the classroom.