FMSPFurther Mathematics Support Programme (UK)
FMSPFaculté de Médecine et des Sciences Pharmaceutiques (French: Faculty of Medicine and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Cameroon)
FMSPFisheries Management Science Programme (UK)
FMSPForeign Military Sales Program
FMSPFlight Management System Procedure
FMSPFondation de Médecine Sociale et Préventive (Foundation for Social and Preventive Medicine)
FMSPFax Media Services Provider (Cisco)
FMSPFondazione di Medicina Sociale e Preventiva (Foundation for Social and Preventive Medicine)
FMSPForce & Mission Sponsor Plan
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FMSP believes--though they stress that they do not have conclusive evidence--that labour brokers were directly involved in fuelling the tensions and triggering the xeno phobic events.
Prior to the 30-baht scheme, CSMB benefits were over ten times greater than those in the FMSP. Following 2001, although CSMB benefits were "only" just under three times greater than 30-baht participants, the overall CSMB budget rose from 18 billion baht in 2001 to 25 billion baht in 2003 (Thailand Budget Bureau 2002).
The FMSP study found that at the RRO in Pretoria it was the practice to issue the permits for only two and a half month periods which adds to the already timely, costly, and burdensome process for the government and applicants.
Special thanks to all Forced Migration Studies Programme staff, particularly Loren Landau, who made my time with FMSP possible, and Jean Kapoma, whose assistance made these interviews possible.
David Neat, club treasurer and a buyer in FMSP's purchasing department, said: ''There will be an extraordinary general meeting to discuss the position of the club.
In Proceedings of the First Workshop on Formal Methods in Software Practice (FMSP '96), 1-9.
Stock assessment for fishery managemen--A framework guide to the stock assessment tools of the Fisheries Management Science Programme (FMSP).
The article also draws on an ongoing research project on the recent violence that the Wits Forced Migration Studies Programme (FMSP) is currently conducting on behalf of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and Oxfam (United Kingdom--UK), that highlights the specific triggers in and mechanisms that translated underlying tensions into murderous attacks.