FMWHFederal Ministry of Works and Housing (Nigeria)
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The data were generated from Statistical Bulletin of the Central Bank of Nigeria (Central Bank of Nigeria, 2015), and relevant publications of FMLHUD, FCTA, FHA, FMWH, FMBN, NBRRI and FGSHLB.
As an illustration of how arbitrage defeats price discrimination, suppose that a utility, Electric Power, quoted a delivered price of $27/MWh for energy sales to Central Energy while selling at an ex generator price of $21 fMWh to other buyers.
where is the wavelength of Cu KA radiation ( 1.5406 A ), B is the full-width at half maximum (FMWH) intensity, is the diffraction angle (in radian) of the considered diffraction peak, and K is a Scherrer constant taken as 0.94 for the almost spherical particles.