FMWRCFamily and Morale Welfare and Recreation Command (formerly the United States Army Community and Family Support Center)
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Legal support for FMWRC had previously been provided by the FMWRC Office of the Command Judge Advocate (OCJA) in Alexandria, Virginia.
(4) See Tim Hipps, Army FMWRC Integrated into Installation Management Command, Belvoir Eagle (June 16, 2011), index.php/news-articles/army_fmwrc_integrated_into_installation_ management-command/.
In addition to integrating FMWRC into IMCOM headquarters, we have been working to increase the efficiency of individual MWR programs.
No one should interpret any of our organizational changes, in particular the integration of FMWRC into headquarters, as negative commentary on the work done up to now.
That commitment is manifested by increased funding in FMWR programs, which helps to fulfill the FMWRC goal: ensuring that Soldiers and their Families get the same quality of life afforded the society they are pledged to defend.
Personally, I am proud to serve such dedicated professionals and Families in my current role as FMWRC commander.
D'Alessandro helped develop the concept while working at FMWRC headquarters.
The original guidance from the Office of the Secretary of Defense called for the creation of a "servicemember techno-activity center," which quickly evolved into the Warrior Zone on the Army side of the house, thanks in part to FMWRC Commander Maj.
(Above Content from Army News Service by Rob McIlvaine (FMWRC Public Affairs).)
is FMWRC's customized version of the President's Challenge, a national physical activity and fitness awards program.
FMWRC traces its history to the battlefields of World War I, where Salvation Army and Red Cross volunteers ministered behind the lines to the needs of Soldiers.
Delores Johnson, director of family programs at FMWRC, the lead agency in overseeing the expansion of the FRSA program.