FMWSFull Moon Wo Sagashite (anime)
FMWSFused Multi-spectral Weapon Sight
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The chordwise flexibility of the FMW provides the ability to dampen the longitudinal gusts, also known as adaptive washout.
Flexibility in the chordwise direction of the FMW has taken advantage for wing warping.
The nylon cloth is then layered together with the carbon fiber to form the FMW, precured.
A mini-UAV was designed and built in order to validate the TSM actuated FMW warping.
As the wing is required to fold around the fuselage for storage, the FMW is installed at the top of the fuselage, with a top wing configuration.
A few characteristics of the FMW mini-UAV are difficult to be obtained mathematically; therefore empirical tests are performed; namely, the aerodynamic data, natural frequencies, and moment of inertia of the FMW mini-UAV are obtained experimentally through wind tunnel testing (shown in Section 6).
SBMC functions as an intermediary, as it helps FMW to translate their experiences into the language of the violation of basic human rights (Merry: 2006).
After providing a brief overview of the challenges involved in protecting the rights of FMW, this paper will identify problems that hampered implementation of the existing legislation regarding migrant workers' protection.
According to the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, 76% of Indonesian FMW worked in informal sectors in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and Kuwait in 2007.
As a contribution to improving information on practices in the home area of FMW, I conducted field research in Girijaya village in the south of Cianjur district in West Java.
The recruiters in villages assist the prospective FMW to meet the documentary requirements, and the potential recruits are transferred to and stay in a holding centre in Jakarta to undergo training.
Unfortunately there have been many cases of abuse of FMW. Migrant Care, a Jakarta-based NGO that works on the migrant worker issues, documented a variety of abuses suffered by Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.