FMYFédération Musicale des Yvelines (French music federation)
FMYFM (Frequency Modulation) Yamaguchi (radio station; Japan)
FMYFt. Myers, FL - Page Field (Airport Code)
FMYFor My Information
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FMY Poultry manure Crop residues green manure filter cake slaughter house waste biogas compost and silage are the material which enhances the organic matter in the soil.
Since FMY Spread is the difference of bond yield and Bloomberg's Fair Market Yield for bonds of the same rating, maturity, and major industry, there is no need to include Default Proxies.
In Equation (20), Spread Deviation is not necessary since variation in credit spreads is already incorporated in the dependent variable FMY Spread.
In Specification 2 where the dependent variable is FMY Spread, the estimated coefficient for MW is 13.