FN2Fractional N2 Concentration
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Speed up network scanning while keeping digital files secured with the HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow N9120 fn2 Document Scanner.
(Foxe 1635, 222; interpolation from Christy 1894, 357 fn2)
Group A consisted of 146 animals originating from 04 herds ([?] 6 month of age, FN1, FN2, FN3, FN4), group B1 comprised 267 animals representing 5 vaccinated herds against BVDV ([greater than or equal to] 6 months of age, FV1, FV2, FV3, FV4, FV5), whereas, 56 samples were taken from 03 BVDV non- vaccinated herds of group B2 ([greater than or equal to]6 months of age, FN5, FN6, FN7).
It is first and foremost an official version of the FN2 racing car and because of this relationship it has been specially granted the wearing of Honda's traditional white competition colour.
(45.) A useful website that brings together many of the news articles, anecdotes, and studies of the environmental impacts of landmines is maintained at: fn2.freenet.edmonton.ab.ca/~puppydog/scrbook
A probe for measuring dry cured powder coating thickness -- the 'FN2' -- is also available.
Factor Description and Varaiable Name Value Grouping Fundamental rate constant k -.0004 Nitrogen 0 rate (fN) fN0 0.8354 Nitrogen 1 rate (fN) fN1 1.2635 Nitrogen 2 rate (fN) fN2 1.9770 Nitrogen 3 rate (fN) fN3 3.4040 Nitrogen 4 rate (fN) fN4 3.4040 Surface dry (fW) sc 0.21 Surface wet (fW) sf 0.32 Buried dry (fW) bc 0.80 Buried wet (fW) bf 1.00 Crop residue (fB) frf 1.00 Roots (fB) rf 0.40 Composted or digested (fB) cdf 0.60 Soil organic matter (fB) omf 0.017
fib(N, FN):- N >-2, N1 is N - N2 is N - 2, fib(N1, FN1), fib(N2, FN2), FN is FN1 + FN2.
The front face of the XZ-2 is pretty clean except for the Fn2 button and the lever around it which we will discuss later.
where Fo2 and 2 FN2 represent the flow rate of oxygen and nitrogen respectively.