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FNAFars News Agency (Iran)
FNAFlora of North America
FNAFine-Needle Aspiration (medical)
FNAFox News Alert
FNAFederal Network Agency (Germany)
FNAFonds National d'Amorçage (French: National Fund Boot; venture capital)
FNAFlexible Network Architecture
FNAFreetown, Sierra Leone (Lungi Airport)
FNAFédération Nationale de l'Artillerie (French: National Artillery Federation)
FNAFacteur Natriurétique Auriculaire (French: Atrial Natriuretic Factor)
FNAFacility Needs Assessment (various locations)
FNAFormerly Known As
FNAFlorida Nurses Association
FNAFast Neighbor Advertisement
FNAFile Name Attribute
FNAFunctional Needs Analysis
FNAFairbanks Native Association (Fairbanks, AK)
FNAFord North America (Ford Motor Company)
FNAFinal Approach
FNAFédération du Négoce Agricole (French)
FNAFédération Nationale Aéronautique (Française)
FNAFlashback News Agency
FNAFinancial Need Analysis
FNAFachnormenausschuß (any German DIN standard, in particular DIN 3380)
FNAFujitsu Network Architecture
FNAFukushima Nursing Association (Japan)
FNAFunctional Network Architecture
FNAFood and Nutrition Association
FNAFunctional Needs Assessment
FNAFile Name/Attribute Augmentation Facility
FNAFor Necessary Action
FNAFinal Network Acceptance
FNAFederación Nacional de Atletismo (Guatemala)
FNAFull Nutrition Assessment
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The ultrasound feature that most commonly triggered an aspiration was size, with 22 respondents reporting that the presence of a nodule greater than 1 cm on ultrasound would lead to an FNA. (Respondents could indicate that more than one ultrasound feature triggered an FNA.)
Although FNA has long been the standard for preoperative evaluation of thyroid nodules, it has several major shortcomings as a first-line test.
As in our case, open biopsy is an appropriate procedure following nondiagnostic FNA in a unilateral parotid mass with an otherwise negative workup.
Wilson describes FNA as "sort of like the Elks Club -- people are asked to join, and are compatible and hold a common set of values."
Patients with nonpalpable breast lesions seen on mammograms were randomized to two groups: One group underwent stereotactic or ultrasound-guided FNA, followed by stereotactic, 14-gauge core-needle biopsy.
FNA has five advantages over the conventional, thicker-needle method, according to Yang.
These two smaller SBUs are still establishing their market niches and FNA management thought it best to keep their direction under one person.
Ultrasound-guided FNA appears to have several advantages over PGFNA, including the ability to target nonpalpable and subcentimeter lesions, a more accurate sampling of heterogeneous lesions, and avoidance of nearby vessels, implants, and other important structures, such as pleural surfaces.
London -- FNA today announces closure of a $5.5m Series A investment round led by IQ Capital, with participation from GETTYLAB.
US is a reliable, noninvasive, inexpensive, and commonly available tool in developing countries in which populations with low socioeconomic status may not have access to FNA cytology instead of surgical biopsy.
Renal mass sampling is usually performed percutaneously under computed tomography or ultrasound guidance, by core biopsy and/or FNA biopsy.