FNAIFédération Nationale des Agences Immobilières (French: National Federation of Estate Agents; Algeria)
FNAIFlorida Natural Areas Inventory
FNAIFédération Nationale des Associations d"Italianistes (French national education federation)
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[beaucoup moins que]La plupart des professionnels, voire meme les notaires, ont chome cette annee[beaucoup plus grand que], souligne le president de la FNAI, Abderezzak Chems.
Longleaf-pine forest coverage in North America has been reduced by more than 98 percent from its historical extent (Noss 1989) and includes extensive losses to urbanization and silviculture in Florida (Diemer 1986, FNAI 1990, Means et al.
The Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI) lists scrub communities as globally and state endangered (FNAI 1990, FDEP 2003) largely due to the presence of protected species like the Eastern indigo snake, Florida Scrub-jay, the fragrant prickly apple (Harrisia fragrans), and the four-petal pawpaw (Asimina tetramera).
The scenarios involving the remaining nine men who killed children within the family are distinguishable from the FNAIs on a number of dimensions.
Aouidat rappelle que la FNAI a toujours UN"uvrUu[c] pour assainir le marchUu[c], mais hUu[c]las 90% des agents immobiliers travaillent dans lae1/4aoinformel.
Hundreds of mammals, plants, and invertebrates endemic to Florida pine rocklands are continually tracked by FNAI, including the Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi [Bangs]; Carnivora: Felidae), gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus [Daudin]; Testudines: Testudinidae), "Dade County slash pine" (Pinus elliottii Engelmann var.
Almquist (FNAI, Tallahassee, Florida) for helping develop locality maps, providing habitat data associated with collection records, critically reviewing our manuscript, and including M.
La FNAI demande aussi l'instauration d'une journee nationale dediee a l'agent immobilier et oeuvre a mettre en place une banque de donnees locale et nationale dont pourront beneficier tous les agents immobiliers, a-t-elle indique.
C'est du moins ce qu'affirme la Federation nationale des agences immobilieres (FNAI), en signalant que leur chiffre d'affaires a meme regresse de 80%.
[beaucoup moins que]C'est deja le rush[beaucoup plus grand que], dira Tahar Aniche, secretaire general de la FNAI (Federation nationale des agences immobilieres).
Tel est l'avis du president de la Federation nationale des agences immobilieres (FNAI), Abdelkrim Aouidat.
[7.] Lelieveld J, Evans JS, Fnais M, Giannadaki D, Pozzer A.