FNAMEFédération Nationale des Anciens des Missions Extérieures (French: National Federation of Veterans of Foreign Missions)
FNAMEFédération Nationale des Associations de Maîtres E (French learning federation)
FNAMEFlorida Newspaper Advertising and Marketing Executives
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File_id: File identification Fname: File Name Recovery_type: Metadata or content based recovery IsDataHidden: If data is hidden returns true.
File_Forensic{ Fid int Did int Fname Varchar[10] FileType Varchar[10] MACtime Varchar[10] IsDelete boolean IsRecovered boolean }; The description of these attribute is as follows:
File_id: File identification Did: Disk image id Fname: File Name FileType: Type of the file recovered MACtime: Modify, Access and Creation time of the disk IsDelete: Returns true if file is deleted.
At any time the forger [A.sub.1] can query the random oracle h for (fname, [id.sub.i]).
(a) If (fname, [id.sub.i]) [not member of] Tab3, the algorithm B flips a random coin [c.sub.i] [member of] {0, 1} with a probability Pr[[c.sub.i] = 0] = 1/([q.sub.t] + 1), where [q.sub.t] is the maximum number of TagGen queries.
(b) If (fname, [id.sub.i]) [member of] Tab3, the algorithm B responds with h(fname, [id.sub.i]) = [h.sub.i] in Tab3.
At any time the forger [A.sub.2] can query the random oracle h for (fname, [id.sub.i]).
At any time the forger [A.sub.3] can query the random oracle h for (fname, [id.sub.i]).
Each time a student changes LName or FName in the EMPLOYEES table, a new row in the PRODUCTS table will be created automatically.
Check LName and FName (Figure 7), and click the close button .
(5) In the interface block for the subroutine FName in the module EvaluateF (line 2082) the intent of the variable x was changed to IN to be consistent with the definition of F in Minimize_F.