FNASFonds National d'Activités Sociales (French: National Fund for Social Activities; Paris, France)
FNASFédération Française des Négociants en Appareils Sanitaires (French: French Federation of Sanitary Appliance Traders)
FNASFederazione Nazionale Arte di Strada (Italian: National Federation of Street Arts)
FNASFonds National d'Action Sociale (French: National Social Action Fund)
FNASFine-Needle Aspiration Specimens
FNASFidelity National Agency Solutions (title insurance; Plano, TX)
FNASFaculty of Natural and Applied Sciences (Trinity Western University; Canada)
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The answer to that question determines recommendations for fine needle aspiration (FNA), surveillance, or nothing at all.
S1 Table: histologic diagnosis between the groups of direct thyroidectomy and of thyroidectomy after two or more consecutive FNAs after initially being diagnosed as AUS/FLUS.
Paralleling the increased use of imaging techniques and of thyroid fine-needle aspiration (FNA) there has been dramatic increase worldwide in both the incidence of thyroid nodule diagnosis and that of thyroid cancer over the past 20-30 years (3,4).
Cytology evaluation was less helpful as all our patients who underwent fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNA) fell into Bethesda categories 2 (Benign), 3 (AUS/FLUS), or 4 (FN/SFN).
Zivaljevic et al., "Malignant risk stratification of thyroid FNA specimens with indeterminate cytology based on molecular testing," Cancer Cytopathology, vol.
The recognition of a thyroid nodule entails a complete assessment that includes functional status (based on thyroid-stimulating hormone), a dedicated thyroid US, and fine needle aspiration (FNA), when necessary [5-7].
FNAS is in an ideal location for Filipino farmers who have little access to technology and farm inputs.
For this case, endoscopy result corresponds to the characteristic of GIST, and endoscopic doctor advised patient to accept EUS that could cooperate FNA necessarily but rejected.
29 October 2014 - US molecular diagnostics maker Veracyte Inc (NASDAQ:VCYT) unveiled Wednesday findings from two trials backing the use of its Afirma Gene Expression Classifier (GEC) to help decrease the number of unnecessary surgeries in patients whose thyroid nodules are indeterminate for cancer after traditional cytopathology review of their fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsies.
Reverse-phase protein arrays (RPPAs) (2) measure hundreds of proteins, phosphoproteins, and modified proteins in tissue cells derived from whole tissue samples, FNAs, or laser capture-enriched tumor cells or stroma from core biopsies and FNAs.
Eighty-five FNAs from superficial lymph nodes were studied and a diagnosis made prior to surgery.