FNCDFédération Nationale des Compagnies Dramatiques (French: National Federation of Dramatic Companies; Belgium)
FNCDFédération Nationale des Cadres Dirigeants (French: National Federation of Executives)
FNCDFront National pour le Changement et la Démocratie (French: National Front for Change and Democracy, Haiti)
FNCDFar-End No Cell Delineation (ITU-T)
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(*) Jean-Louis Chambon is president of the FNCD and president of Cercle Turgot
The National Federation of Executive Staff (FNCD www.fncd.fr) is a professional organisation, which for over 60 years has represented one of every two executives in France.
The Center's director, Jean-Claude Bajeux, is a high-level member of the CONACOM political party, which only reluctantly supported Aristide's presidency and openly broke with Aristide and the political front which supports him, the FNCD, in March 1994.