FNCFFédération Nationale des Courses Françaises (French: National Federation of French Courses)
FNCFFédération Nationale des Cinémas Français (French: National Federation of French Cinemas; est. 1945)
FNCFFédération Nationale de la Culture Française (French: National Federation of French Culture)
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"These films were highly successful because they reached wide audiences all across France--not just in big cities but also in rural areas," explained FNCF's Marc-Olivier Sebbag.
"The beginning of September is a paradox: You have a lot of French films opening but it's always bad in terms of ticket sales," says Olivier Snanoudj, chief exec of the FNCF. "People come back depressed, they have less money, they're preoccupied with work and they don't feel like going to the movies."
"Many did OK in their first week but then collapsed in the second, like they do in the United States," FNCF's prexy Jean Labe says.
"The jury's out on this year," comments Olivier Snanoudj at the FNCF. "There have been fewer big local hits than last year, but more French pictures selling over I million tickets.
Now the FNCF plans to sit down with distribs and producers at its annual congress in Deauville in late September.
Olivier Snanoudj, deputy director of the FNCF, says the phenomenon is most notable "in places that were under-equipped, like Marseille, where the potential was not exploited." Plex expansion, according to Snanoudj, "took up the slack."
Though pleased with the results, which mark the second-highest score in the Fete's 14-year history, the FNCF explains that a combination of the World Cup, beautiful weather and a paucity of choice films led to the drop.
But, according to Olivier Snanoudj, deputy director of the French Film Federation (FNCF), which oversees exhibition, it was the movie theaters that held the neighborhood together - not only as an example of France's grand cinematic history but business-wise.
Now the Federation Nationale des Cinemas Francais (FNCF), which reps the majority of Gallic exhibitors, has gone on the offensive, imploring local producers and distributors to give them major movies for those balmy summer days.
But, as Jean Labe, president of the Federation Nationale des Cinemas Francais (FNCF), says, "I can't think of anyone who doesn't take part."
Olivier Snaloudj, deputy head of the Federation Nationale des Cinemas Francais (FNCF), which oversees exhibition in France, explains, "Theaters are interested in implementing all conditions that encourage people to come to the cinema."
The exhibitors' industry body, the Federation Nationale des Cinemas Francais (FNCF), commenting on the state of play, noted, "It is reasonable to hope for 140 million entries" in 1997.