FNCLFédération Nationale des Coopératives Laitières (French: National Federation of Dairy Cooperatives)
FNCLFédération Nationale des Négociants en Céréales et Légumineuses (French: National Federation of Grain and Legume Traders; Morocco)
FNCLForce Nouvelle du Congo Libre (French: New Force in the Free Congo)
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[[lambda].sub.N] be [F.sub.N]-closed set in X iff FNCl ([[lambda].sub.N]) = [[lambda].sub.N],
Definition 3.1: Fuzzy neutrosophic subset [[lambda].sub.N] of FNTS (X, [[tau].sub.n]) is called fuzzy neutrosophic [Alpha.sup.m]- closed set (FN[[alpha].sup.m]-closed set, for short) if FNint(FNcl ([[lambda].sub.N])) [subset or equal to] UN, wherever [[lambda].sub.N] [subset or equal to] [U.sub.N] and [U.sub.N] be FN[alpha]-open set.
Then, FNInt(FNCl ([[lambda].sub.N])) [subset or equal to] [[lambda].sub.N] [subset or equal to] [[beta].sub.N].
Thrivent Fncl for Lutherans 3.84% 1,000,000 1,517,858
Thrivent Fncl for Lutherans 6.80% 6,629 * All years
$78,245, 21 Sibley St, Kinosian, Guy, and Select Portfolio Svcs Inc, to Nationscredit Fncl Corp.
Figure 2 Portfolios and Mark-to-Market Values Holding Security Bloomburg[TM] Value (02-10-98) Ticker Long Fannie Mae 30-year FNCL 7 $1,010,780 Long Fannie Mae Balloon FNCX 6 $995,630 Long Fannie Mae 15-year FNCI 6 $986,880 Long Ginnie Mae 30-year GNSF 7 $1,011,720 Long Freddie Mac 30-year FGLMC6 $969,060 Short 10-year Treasury T6 1/8 08/15/07 ($1,036,410) Short 5-year Treasury T6 07/31/02 ($1,010,000) Total $2,927,660 SOURCE: PRICE WATERHOUSE LLP
* China Internet Nationwide Fncl Srvcs Inc(NASDAQ: CIFS) shares gained 14.6 percent to $34.60 after dropping 27.05 percent on Wednesday.