FNCOFalcon Nation Charity Organization (Atlanta Falcons; Atlanta, GA)
FNCOFood and Nutrition Coordinating Office (Lesotho)
FNCOFédération Nationale de Chirurgie Orale (Frrench: National Federation of Oral Surgery)
FNCOFederazione Nazionale Collegi Ostetriche (Italian)
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A section on isocyanate details will examine the structure, functionality, FNCO, phosgene/nonphosgene process and adducts of TDI, MDI/pure, MDI/ polymeric, MDI/liquid, MDI variants, prepolymers, aliphatic light stable isocyanates and aliphatic isocyanate adducts.
Polyurethane networks were prepared from an OH-functional precursor of four-arm star structure (number average molecular weight [M.sub.n] = 942: hydroxyl number OHN at 100% solids (OHN = 239.7 mg KOH/g); first- and second-moment average functionality [(fOH).sub.1] [approximately equal to] [(fOH).sub.2)] = 4, water content below 0.1%); two isocyanate hardeners: trimer of 1,60diisocyanatohexane (HDI-trimer; [(fNCO).sub.2] = 3.25; Desmodur[R] N 3300 (Bayer)) and 1,6-diicocyanatohexane (HDI.