FNDFFédération Nationale des Distributeurs de Films (French: National Federation of Film Distributors)
FNDFFirst Nations Development Fund (Canada)
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Improvement in this case is, of course, also dependent on Alberta releasing FNDF revenues, which are held in trust until a First Nation satisfies provincial administrators' spending practices guidelines; and Ontario releasing money withheld until resolution of the several lawsuits involving CasinoRama.
Some studies reported that the raised intake of FNDF increased milk fat content and decreased milk protein content (Kononoff and Heinrichs, 2003).
In our study, the diets were formulated to have similar concentrations of FNDF and NFC, and this might explain why the ruminal pH and total VFA concentrations were unaffected by the dietary treatments; in addition, the lack of the influence of diet on VFA may also mean that rumen pH is not likely to be affected as well.
Feeding these diets with equivalent concentrations of FNDF from AH, OH, LC, and RS, while maintaining similar concentrations of NFC content, would result in similar ruminal fermentation and animal performance by dairy cows.
16 deadline but "fully intended to make an interest payment to the lenders from the FNDF funds received."
Claims Menke, "The FNDF funds are used for, among other uses, to fund the operations of the resort.
Menke also notes that Paragon has concerns over negotiations presently occurring with the province for a new FNDF grant.
According to Menke's affidavit, the 2005 FNDF grant approved by the province included use of the funds to provide employment, training and social development, both for "casino and non-casino operations." Menke further states that the Chief Internal Auditor said "...
However, an application for an FNDF grant that was put forward in February 2012 has not been approved by the government because of concerns that the proposed funding use differs from what was approved in 2005.
"From our perspective, Enoch has been using the money for social and community development projects as per their initial FNDF application."
FNDF guidelines state that "grants cannot be used for operating or financing costs of a casino or other gaming facility/equipment, or for per capita distributions, or for security against loans or debts."