FNDIFirst Nations Development Institute
FNDIFamilial Neurohypophysial Diabetes Insipidus (central nervous system)
FNDIFujairah National Driving Institute (United Arab Emirates)
FNDIFederazione Nazionale Distribuzione Industriale (Italian: National Federation of Industrial Distribution; Milan, Italy)
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The molecular background of FNDI is heterogeneous (2, 3, 5, 7, 8), with 33 mutations in the AVP-NP II gene described (Table 1).
We identified two novel mutations and a polymorphism of the AVP-NP II gene in two unrelated Dutch families in which FNDI was diagnosed.
All family members with FNDI (59 of 105) showed the heterozygous mutation after Sau96I or HaeII restriction enzyme digestion, whereas in the DNA of unaffected family members and the control group, the mutation was not detected.
This progressive cell loss could explain the dominant inheritance and the delayed onset of the symptoms, characteristic for patients with FNDI (4, 6, 9,10).