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43.11 [+ or -] 7.09[degrees], t = 5.597, P < 0.001), FND (35.21 [+ or -] 3.25 mm vs.
The seven proximal femur geometric parameters of each patient, including the neck shaft angle (NSA), center edge angle (CEA), femoral head diameter (FHD), femoral neck diameter (FND), femoral neck axial length (FNAL), hip axial length (HAL), and femoral shaft diameter (FSD) were measured according to published guidelines in the literature.[17] Measurements were performed in triplicate by one person, and the mean of the three measurements was taken.
The geometric parameters of the two groups were found to be significantly different in patients with different hip fractures (NSA, P < 0.001, CEA, P < 0.001, FND, P = 0.027, and FNAL, P < 0.001, respectively).
Longer FNAL was the risk factor for femoral intertrochanteric fractures ( OR : 1.17, P < 0.001), and greater FND was the protective factor of femoral intertrochanteric fractures ( OR : 0.74, P < 0.001).{Table 3}
Males had larger FHD, FND, FSD, and longer HAL and FNAL compared to female patients.
In the current study, the femoral intertrochanteric fracture group had a smaller FND. We suspect that this may be associated with reduced cortical bone thickness in the femoral neck area, as patients with intertrochanteric fractures have more severe osteoporosis and lower bone mass, as manifested in the femoral neck area.
For Theophile Gautier, commedia's stereotypical Pierrot was no simple fool, but rather the epitome of post-Revolutionary French society, an archetype of those who were, sometimes tragically, seeking to fnd their place in a new, bourgeois world.
Sanderling records modern works - the American composer Steve Gerber, for one - and fnds great satisfaction in doing them.