FNEFrance Nature Environnement (French environmental association)
FNEFile Name Extension
FNEFile Name Editor
FNEFeature Name Extensions
FNEFear of Negative Evaluation (psychological assessment scale)
FNEFonds National pour l'Emploi (French: National Employment Fund)
FNEForensic Nurse Examiner
FNEFédération Neuchâteloise des Entrepreneurs (French: Neuchâtel Entrepreneurs Federation; Neuchâtel, Switzerland)
FNEFixed Network Equipment
FNEFear No Evil
FNEFirst Night Effect
FNEFramenet Explorer
FNEFollowing Named Enlisted Personnel
FNEFederation of North-American Explorers
FNEFebrile Neutropenic Episode
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Maureen is eager to communicate her goal to encourage members to become donors, so that the FNE can expand this valuable scholarship program as well as the grants, research, and faculty development programs we offer.
(1982) used the AI, SADS, and FNE scale to assess 112 university students, and reported a significant relationship between the Probability Response subscale of the AI and the SADS (r= .24; p< .01) and the FNE scale (r= .33; p< .01).
A analise fatorial da SASC-R identificou tres fatores que correspondem a tres subescalas: Medo de Avaliacao Negativa (FNE --Fear of Negative Evaluation), Desconforto e Evitamento Social em Situacoes Novas (SAD-New--Social Avoidance and Distress Specific to New Situations) e Desconforto e Evitamento Social Geral (SAD-G--Generalized Social Avoidance and Distress).
Shame-proneness was found to be positively correlated with lower self-esteem, higher state anxiety, the FNE, and depressive symptoms while guilt-proneness was not correlated with any of the measures.
(85) The TDLC is not bound by the recommendations of the FNE. However, if the merging parties agree in writing with the FNE recommendations, the duration of the nonadversarial review process may be reduced.
Table 1 Correlations among EDAS subscales and other SAD self-report measures (N = 383) EDAS MEASURES AVOIDANCE DISTRESS INTERFERENCE SPAI-SP .78 ** .79 ** .63 ** SPAI-AG .68 ** .67 ** .68 ** SASA FNE .65 ** .66 ** .53 ** SASA SAD-N .74 ** .76 ** .58 ** SASA SAD-G .71 ** .73 ** .59 ** SASA TOTAL .76 ** .78 ** .61 ** SPS .76 ** .79 ** .65 ** SIAS .79 ** .82 ** .67 ** RSES -.47 ** -.51 ** -.43 ** EI .59 ** .60 ** .61 ** QIDA .61 ** .66 ** .57 ** RAS -.63 ** -.65 ** -.51 ** Note.
Moreover, as the principal administrator of FNE (the Fundo Constitucional de Financiamento do Nordeste), the bank has distributed the $126 MM in losses among FNE and BNB, each absorbing its respective entitled risk portion of the deals.
Se conformaron dos grupos de acuerdo a la puntuacion obtenida en el instrumento Escala de Temor a la Evaluacion Negativa (FNE): uno, de personas con ansiedad, en el que se incluyeron a aquellas personas con puntajes iguales o superiores a 15 que corresponde al percentil 80, y otro, de personas sin ansiedad, distribuidos, de acuerdo con las puntuaciones en el FNE asi: 37 sin ansiedad social X = 7,89 DT = 6,41, y 26 con ansiedad social X = 19,1 DT = 6,35.
Dans une reunion au siege du Parti Al Wafd, les membres du Front National Egyptien (FNE), sont parvenus a un accord final sur les criteres de formation de l'Assemblee constituante.