FNESFédération Nationale d'Education et de Promotion de la Santé (French: National Federation of Education and Health Promotion)
FNESFirst Nations Employment Society (Canada)
FNESFamily, Nutrition, and Exercise Sciences
FNESFear of Negative Evaluation Scale (psychopathology)
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In an experimental study, Karakashian, Walter, Christopher, and Lucas (2006) showed that FNE is a marginal predictor of helping behavior.
FNE might be the result of prior disapproval received or a combination of prior received disapproval and desire for approval.
Watson and Friend (1969) developed a scale to measure FNE as a dimension of social evaluative anxiety.
Characterization Studies of FNEs. The viscosity of colloidal systems was measured using a dynamic shear rheometer (Kinexus rotational rheometer, Malvern Instrument, UK) at a fixed shear rate of 0.1[s.sup.-1] and at 4 different temperatures (298,303,308, and 313 K).
FNEs were subjected to centrifugation at 2000 rpm for 2 min to get rid of any air pockets present within the emulsion before loading onto the plate.
Javier CAMPOS Y FERNANDEZ DE SEVILLA, La vida cotidiana en el Monasterio de San Lorenzo el Real del Escorial a fnes del Antiguo Regimen (1780-1830), en Monjes y..., III, pp.
According to the report, the amount of fnes "cancelled" by the courts on Merseyside totalled just over pounds 14m.