FNFCFood with Nutrient Function Claims (Japan)
FNFCFédération Nationale des Fils de Chouhada (French: National Federation of the Son of Chouhada; Algeria)
FNFCFirst National Financial Corporation (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
FNFCFrequency Non-Selective Fading Channel
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Food with Nutrient Function Claims (FNFC) FNFC refers to foods that are intended for consumption as supplements and are defined as "food products with supplemental nutritional components that are likely to be deficient in the elderly and other persons who deviate from normal eating habits due to an irregular lifestyle.
5 absorption- malic-acid calcium related salts, casein, phosphopeptide, heme iron, fructo- oligosaccharide, etc Total 617 100 Table II: Standards for FNFC minerals.
The FNFC health claims are in widespread use in Japan, although with unknown commercial success.
Iron: As long as the delivered iron per dosage, whether natural and/or fortified, is at least 4 mg and not more than 10 mg, the FNFC product can claim on the label that iron is "a nutrient which is necessary for red blood cell formation.
Magnesium, copper and zinc have recently been added to the list of FNFC minerals with allowed generic health claims.