FNFMFederatia Nationalã a Fermierilor din Moldova (Romanian: National Farmers Federation of Moldova; Moldova)
FNFMFichier National du Faux Monnayage (French: National Counterfeiting File)
FNFMFinance For Non Financial Managers (course)
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A fuzzy number valued fuzzy measure (FNFM) [mu] on X is a set function [mu]: [OMEGA] [right arrow] [F'.sub.+] where [F'.sub.+] is the class of all fuzzy numbers in [R.sup.+.sub.0] with the following properties.
A FNFM [mu] is said to be continuous above if for [E.sub.i] (i = 1, 2, ...) [member of] [OMEGA] with [E.sub.1] [subset] [E.sub.2] ...
A FNFM which is both continuous above and continuous below is called continuous.