FNFNFort Nelson First Nation (Canada)
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While startling in effect, this appeal is about more than the effect of one water licence on the FNFN's treaty rights in the Tsea Lakes region in northeastern BC.
Accuracy comparison with other methods Method Number of arrhythmia Accuracy % PAM 4 94.0 FTNN 3 98.0 DLPTT 15 98.1 SFHNN 7 96.1 PCICA 5 85.0 WTNN 13 96.8 FNFN 4 98.0 ICNNN 8 98.7 Proposed model 15 99.1 Table 4.
Calgary based Black Diamond Income Fund and the Fort Nelson First Nation (FNFN) have entered into a strategic business relationship called Black Diamond Dene.