FNGSFonds National de Garantie des Salaires (France)
FNGSFellow of the National Genealogical Society
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Then, we tried to verify if there are any statistically significant differences among the firms operating outside corporate groups (FNG) and operating within corporate groups, with the distinction between Polish (FPG) and international corporate groups (FIG).
A closer look at the resources and capabilities of FNG, FPG and FIG allows us to state that the highest mean values were reported among FIG (Table 4).
Analysing the descriptive statistics for the objective measure we notice that the highest mean values in the crisis year 2009 are characteristic of FPG with one exception - return on equity is highest for FIG and FNG (Table 3).
FIGs perceived their performance as better than FNG and FPG in 2009 and in the post-crisis time in Poland (Table 5).
In order to check whether the differences in the performance of FNG, FPG and FIG, evaluated with the subjective measures, are statistically significant we used the Kruskal-Wallis test.
Sectoral structure of the sample - number of firms from particular divisions and their involvement in corporate groups [N=695] Division Description of activity FNG FPG FIG Total number Division 10 manufacture of food products 159 92 68 319 manufacture of fabricated metal Division 25 products, except machinery and 90 72 64 226 equipment Division 17 manufacture of paper and paper 25 9 23 57 products 15 13 5 33 Division 24 manufacture of basic metals 12 7 7 Division 32 manufacture of other manufacturing Division 14 manufacture of wearing apparel 12 5 8 26 Division 15 manufacture of leather and related 4 4 1 25 products 9 FNG - non-group affiliated firm, FPG - a Polish group-affiliated firm, FIG - an international group-affiliated firm.
The tumor stage of these cases was: 1 case of urothelial carcinoma with pT2, and 7 cases of RCC with pT3 and FNG grade II/IV (n = 1), III/IV (n = 1), and IV/IV (n = 5).
Based on the on-site survey sample of licensure application forms during 1971-73 in the eight selected states (California, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Texas), the survey identified a few significant deficiencies in the preparation of FNGs. First, 19% lacked psychiatric nursing, 5.2% obstetric nursing, and 2.6% each medical, surgical, and pediatric nursing.
In addition, the survey identified few ongoing programs that provided remedial courses to correct the deficiencies in FNGs' preparation so that they could become registered nurses in the United States.
* Collaboration among all agencies concerned with FNGs should be increased to improve the interagency communication and cooperation.
* A pre-immigration examination should be given to FNGs prior to their leaving the home countries to assure that those admitted to the United States would have a reasonable chance of securing a license.
* The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) should examine their policies with regard to FNGs and make appropriate recommendations to bring about consistency among states to assure public safety.