FNHFédération Nationale de l'Habillement (French: National Garment Federation)
FNHFondation Nicolas Hulot (environmentalist group; est. 1990; France)
FNHFocal Nodular Hyperplasia
FNHFédération Nationale des Hôteliers (French: National Federation of Hoteliers; Algeria)
FNHFood, Nutrition, and Health (degree program)
FNHFonds National de l'Habitat (French: National Housing Fund)
FNHFöreningen Nordsvenska Hästen (Swedish: North Swedish Horse Association)
FNHFoundation for Nature and Humanity (Cuba)
FNHFamily Not Home (package delivery slang; polite form)
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Hepatobiliary MRI contrast agents have been successfully used for the diagnosis of FNH lesions, which are typically isointense or hyperintense to the surrounding parenchyma on hepatobiliary phase (6, 7).
The ADC values were 0.94[+ or -]0.15, 0.95[+ or -]0.48, 1.44[+ or -]0.39, 1.88[+ or -]0.50, and 2.94[+ or -]0.75x[10.sup.-3] m[m.sup.2]/sec, respectively, for HCC, metastases, FNH, hemangiomas, and cysts, and the average ADC values were 1.96[+ or -]0.68x[10.sup.-3] m[m.sup.2]/sec for benign lesions and 0.94[+ or -]0.29x[10.sup.-3] m[m.sup.2]/sec for malignant lesions (Table 1).
Hemangiomas and 3 FNH cases were diagnosed using MRI, CT, and US, and the other cases, including HCC and metastasis, were predominantly diagnosed using histopathological examination.
Alexander's will cause to be issued to FNH and FNFV, collectively, a total of 16,272,727 shares of J.
The patient in our case, who was treated with above chemotherapeutic agents for beast caner, developed FNH after 4 courses of treatment.
The maximal tumour diameters were (i) BCA: median 60 mm, range 25-100 mm, (ii) FNH: median 58 mm, range 10-100 mm, (iii) cavernous haemangioma: median 50 mm, range 10-130 mm, (iv) HA: median 150 mm, range: 130-180 mm.
(3) Contraceptive agents have not been involved in the pathogenesis but they are associated with an increased risk of complications for patients with FNH. In symptomatic females, hemorrhagic foci or infarctions may occur within the FNH; these are aggravated by administration of contraceptive agents.
"Overall and unsurprisingly, oil-producing countries make minimal commitments or none at all," FNH said.
In 1981 FNH began operating a new factory in Columbia, South Carolina, called FN Manufacturing.
The result of FNH's work was not just one rifle, but two models capable of easily being changed between multiple calibers to fill multiple roles.
FNH USA offers its new compact striker-fired FNS pistols in both 9mm and AO S&W.
One of those is the FNS from FNH USA, but it hasn't gotten nearly the press and attention as some competing designs.