FNISFidelity National Information Services (Jacksonville, FL)
FNISFidelity National Information Solutions (Santa Ana, CA)
FNISForeign National Information System (student registration)
FNISFast Neutron Irradiation System (physics)
FNISFirst Nations Interdisciplinary Studies (Canada)
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* The acquisition of Eastern Software Corporation, Sharon, Pennsylvania, by Fidelity National Information Solutions (FNIS), Santa Barbara, California.
"The latest enhancements to our FNIS AgentOffice software continue to solidify our position and reputation as the leading productivity tool of top-performing agents," said FNIS president and COO Dwayne Walker.
QuadMerge Value bundles FNIS' proprietary QuadMerge Report, offering combined data from the nation's three consumer credit repositories -- TransUnion, Experian and Equifax -- with public record information derived from FNIS' proprietary property database, the 4th Repository[TM].
AAMG and FNIS have signed a contract under which AAMG will use FNIS' Collateral Valuation Insurance[TM] (CVI) to streamline the collateral evaluation process in its first-mortgage operations.
"In keeping with FNIS' single-minded strategy to streamline the mortgage origination process through innovation, QuadMerge(TM) Value offers lenders a single integrated solution for making informed decisions," sald FNIS CEO Patrick F.
Mark Sennott, an executive vice president at FNIS, said, "PBA's decision to join our lawsuit reflects how important it is for financial institutions of all types to be able to use appraisal alternatives in making modest-size mortgage loans and dealing with their loan portfolios.
This is the second time in two years that Market Intelligence, which provides appraisal alternatives as well as traditional appraisals, has sued a state appraisal board to defend the use of so-called appraisal alternatives to assess the value of property offered as collateral in home-equity lending, according to FNIS. Similar to a lawsuit filed in Oregon in 2000, the lawsuit alleges that, by requiring the use of appraisals in all lending transactions, the Pennsylvania Appraisal Board is defying federal banking laws and attempting to halt federally approved banking practices that benefit consumers in the state.
Step 8 (determining the fuzzy positive idea solution (FPIS) and fuzzy negative idea solution (FNIS)).
Step 6: determine fuzzy positive-ideal solution (FPIS) and fuzzy negative-ideal solution (FNIS).
The fuzzy positive-ideal (FPIS, A*) and the fuzzy negative-ideal solution (FNIS,[A.sup.-]) are shown as follows:
Calculation of the distances of each alternative from fuzzy positive-ideal solution (FPIS, [A.sup.*]) and fuzzy negative-ideal solution (FNIS, [A.sup.-]), respectively (Table 9):