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FNLFriday Night Lights (TV show)
FNLForces Nationales de Libération (French: National Liberation Forces; Burundi)
FNLFriday Night Live
FNLFront National de Liberation (National Liberation Force; Burundi)
FNLFort Collins/Loveland, CO, USA - Fort Collins / Loveland Airport (Airport Code)
FNLFirst Notice of Loss
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FNL was chosen as the test facility for this technology earlier in the project development based on several factors including the availability of commercial air service, traffic volume, and the wide mix of aircraft types operating at FNL.
Soil 15N Recovery and FNL: The soil 15N recovery and FNLs are summarized in Fig.
ProQuest has exclusive commercial rights to deliver the digitized material online while the FNL will get a set of scans and metadata of all works that are eventually digitized, says Brooks.
However, it seems as though a FNL box-set will have to keep the fans going for the immediate future.
Where, NI = Nutrient intake; NO = Nutrient output in voided feces; FNL = fasting nutrient loss
The buyer, FNL Holdings LLC, based in New York, purchased the East Main Street property for a price that equates to $79 psf, which represents a capitalization rate of 8.
Only 35 percent of Algeria's electorate cast a ballot in 2007 and the FNL has said it would be satisfied with 45 percent participation this time, although few doubt it will achieve that level.
Political parties: Multi-party system consisting of 44 registered political parties, of which CNDD-FDD (the National Council for the Defense of Democracy), FNL (the National Forces for Liberation), FRODEBU (the Front for Democracy in Burundi), and UPRONA (the National Unity and Progress Party) are national, mainstream parties.
During 2009, the rebels demobilized in accordance with the terms of the agreement and registered as an officially-recognized political party known as the FNL.
Agathon Rwasa, the main political rival of Pierre Nkurunziza, Burundi's president, has abandoned his government duties and gone back to the bush, fuelling speculation that FNL group has taken up arms, only a year after laying them down.
After the protests, an emergency meeting between the Fiscalia General de la Republica, the Ministerio de Energia y Minas (MEM), the Ministerio de la Defensa (MINDEF), the Ministerio de Gobernacion (MINGOB), INDE, and energy company Union Fenosa (UF) was held, after which 20 new arrest warrants were added to the 214 that had already been issued against members of the FNL.
Between April and June, the National Commission for Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration oversaw the demobilization and short-term care of the final 380 child soldiers from the Forces Nationale de Liberation (FNL) rebel group and from among alleged FNL dissidents in the Randa and Buramata sites.