FNLMFriends of the National Library of Medicine
FNLMFabrica Nacional la Maranosa (Spanish: The National Factory Maranosa; Madrid, Spain)
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On the basis of the superiorities of FNLM, EEMD, S[alpha]S, and PSO-LS-WSVM, researchers put forward a new bearing fault diagnosis approach, with the purpose of sorting multiple and normal types of faulty bearing.
(2) FNLM and EEMD methods are applied to preprocess the vibration-based signals, aiming at acquiring a range of IMF components.
Figure 7 shows the typical waveforms in time domain by FNLM denoising method and EEMD decomposing algorithm.
We proposed a novel bearing multifault diagnosis method based on FNLM and EEMD for denoising, symmetric alpha-stable distribution (SaS) for feature calculation, and an appropriate PSO-LS-WSVM classifier.
FNLM Chairman of the Board and long-time member Donald W.
I'd like to thank the MLA for honoring FNLM and MedlinePlus
encourage the MLA, FNLM, and other organizations to continue developing