FNLMAFirst Nations Land Management Act (Canada)
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Since 1999, forty-one bands have opted into the FNLMA, ninety have inquired about doing so, eighteen have their land codes, and seven have passed matrimonial property laws.
The Matrimonial Real Property Law of the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation was one of the first to be developed under the FNLMA, coming into effect on 30 June 2001.
The McLeod Lake Indian Band completed its land code under the FNLMA on 20 May 2003.
This variation in emphasis reflects the freedom that First Nations have under the FNLMA to design their land laws in accordance with their own local customs, traditions and community desires.
These two differences are not major ones, but they do reflect the type of variation that the FNLMA allows First Nations to engage in when designing matrimonial real property laws.