FNMCFederación Navarra de Municipios y Concejos (Spanish: Navarre Federation of Municipalities and Councils)
FNMCFédération du Négoce des Matériaux de Construction (French: Building Materials Trading Federation)
FNMCFrankston Naval Memorial Club (Australia)
FNMCFirst National Mortgage Company (various locations)
FNMCFaculty New Media Center (UCLA)
FNMCFundamental Nuclear Material Control (US NRC)
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Once FNMC knows what kinds of opportunities are available, it can create a business structure, Lindley said.
Not all projects need to be larges ones; Lindley said the FNMC is happy to start small and work its way up.
Lindley said feedback from First Nations and mining companies is welcome, as the concept will evolve as FNMC moves forward.
We believe the FNMC platform will allow us to continue to provide training and employment opportunities to our First Nations partners, while delivering successful projects to our valued clients.
The Morris Group has deep-rooted First Nations relationships and is honoured to be part of FNMC, as it will provide further opportunities to support First Nations communities in deriving real and lasting benefits through their involvement in mining projects, said John Pollesel, CEO, Morris Group.
FNMC will be focused on helping First Nations communities enhance their understanding of the mining industry, identify opportunities, build capacity and develop their own First Nations companies to support mining projects.
FNMC aims to develop a pounds 1 billion-plus residential mortgage business with an emphasis on niche or specialist prodcuts.
FNMC offers loan to value mortgages ranging from 60 per cent up to 95 per cent with interest rates depending on the proportion of the loan and on whether borrowers 'self-certify' their earnings, ie state that they can meet repayments without proving their income.