FNMOCFleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center
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FNMOC is the sole Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) center with high performance computing capabilities at all classification levels.
FNMOC provides Joint, allied, and coalition warfighters with Battlespace Awareness through on-demand, customized meteorological and oceanographic products, including high resolution models and climatological analyses.
FNMOC maintains close ties with the Navy Research Laboratory--Marine Meteorology Division, which specializes in the advancement of atmospheric modeling technology to ensure the DoD remains on the cutting edge of NWP.
The Weather Channel is reportedly interested in generating the same kinds of weather models created by FNMOC, which "utilize the largest existing, real-time databases of oceanic and atmospheric operations," Bishop said.
The supercomputers are located at FNMOC headquarters, in Monterey.
FNMOC operates its sophisticated suite of coupled air-ocean models on supercomputers to produce and distribute weather and ocean products that are essential for ensuring the safety of the fleet and vital to the successful prosecution of naval warfare.
"The 128-processor SGI Origin 2000 server that we currently have is a transition system until we install the 128-processor SGI Origin 3800 machine ...," said Jeanne Frew, acting technical director for FNMOC. "Because technical applications that we currently run on the SGI Origin 2000 server will run on the SGI Origin 3000 series of systems, the transition between the two supercomputers will be relatively painless."
FNMOC will utilize the Trusted IRIX(TM) of the SGI IRIX(R) 6.5 operating system to run a dual-system configuration consisting of the current 128-processor SGI Origin 2000 server and the 128-processor SGI Origin 3800 server.
* A suite of 10 Meteorology and Oceanography (METOC) tools, like Chemical Downwind Report, Ballistic Winds, MyWxmap and Web Search and Rescue, designed specially by FNMOC for FORCEnet support to the ESG.
The practical example of the FORCEnet IPD allowed TFW and FNMOC to demonstrate to a large warfighter group the inherent capabilities of these new technologies.
National Weather Service (NWS) in 2005 (Chen 2006), at FNMOC in 2006, and at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute (NMI) in 2008.
During its first year of operations, the NFCENS products have broadened the user base of WES products as a consequence of its proven increased skill relative to the individual, originating WES products from NCEP and FNMOC. Despite its relatively low spatial resolution, the NFCENS has proven a useful tool to assist in forecasts of waves generated by hurricanes.